Sunday, 30 March 2014

FW Open Day Pics

In lieu of having my models next to me to take pictures of - I'll show you guys the few  pics I got of the FW open day, and any Juicy tidbits along with them!

Titans of the Legio Fureans and Gryphonicus clash in a participation game!

The New Krios Venator

Both Krios Tanks together - looking very swish :3

I presume these are either prototypes or concept arts - Im not sure! :O

The Knight Lancer Model :3

Diorama of the Glorious EC facing devious Mechanicus Loyalists.

Lancers stride across the map - supporting the Thallax and Castellax in their advance.

A second Lancer to the front of the board works in a pincer movement.

A column of EC marines advance up the centre - aiming to halt the advance of the Mechanicum's HQ

Castellax face off against plasma specialists

Lancer up close! ^^

The Mechanicus leaders plough straight towards EC troops.

More Castellax face off against terminators at the top of the map.

Those lovely EC specialists (I can't help but love taking pictures)

New Falchion Super Heavy!

Conversion kits for Iron Warriors, Alphas and Nightlords were all on show.

Terror squads!

More Night Lords!

These beauties are the new Gorgon Terminators. They look amazeballs!

Speaking with their designer, he pointed out that Iron Hands often developed new armours, hence why the gorgons look like they're wearing Indomitus Terminator Armour rather than normal legion gear.
 The Gorgons will hopefully be out in 2/3 months at most!
Thallax special weapons!

Razorback turrets - may actually buy one idk.

This was quite a gorgeous Salamanders force ^^


Seriously though - this model is amazing.

The New Siege Automata

Combi bolters!

All the close combat wepaons they have designed so far!

This is the Personal army of FW resident painter...

They had this diorama - Im so glad I got to see it in the flesh/resin.

Stoic EC defending their posts against the ugly Iron Hands.

Filthy Loyalists! Although rather pretty in a cool, metallic way...

So there we are - I'll have some more models to show when I return to my flat later in the week. Hope you all enjoyed some of these and I insist you check out some of the others who went (who have much better cameras).

++Ben Out++

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