Monday, 9 February 2015

The Weekender Part1

So I went to the Horus Heresy Weekender again! ^^ As such I'm just going to do a nice big photo-dump in the half half, to get all the art/explanation of new stuff out the way!

First up is the new Mhara Gal Dreanought - a beast!

These are the two event special models/unique characters.

New rapiers for the SA

Vindicator Laser Destroyer

Its a WIP - but its very akin to the thunderfire/achilles mortar.

SA Command section - not totally sold on em myself.

The Latest Marine flyer - definitely not a viper ;)

Deredeo Dreadnought with Plasma Carronade.

The new Thanatar Calix (possibly in Book 5)

Next up is the new board done for Tempest = Ultras fighting Word Bearers!

Heres some of the announcements made in the new models!

SA Command Squad
New Tech Magos
Scyllax Guardians
The Thanatar Calix
Mechanicus Ordinatus! >:D
New Reaver Weapons
Redoubt with Turbo Laser (Note this will be swappable with the Reaver Missile Launcher.
Thunderhawk Landing Pad
Raven Guard Upgrades - including MKVI shoulders
A named Daemon Prince from Book 6 (the Shadow Crusade)
The Viper ;)
The Sokae Class Stormbird - smallest Stormbird Class

Meduson - a numbered release novel only available from Warhammer World

Book 5!

Ultras designs/ideas (its still WIP though)

Roboute himself - to be timed to release with Tempest.
Ultras Upgrade Packs.
As for extra bits - the main thing I found through talking with Mark Bedford, was that he's been really psyched over designing the Invictas Wardens for the Ultras. These are the captains in the making - armed with "Axes of Macragge", Boarding Shields and Personalised Armour (likely Artificers) I'm interested in where they'll feature. (Could possibly see them as an alternate to Honour Guard)

That's the main bits of info that I'm assured about - and Im sure you've already seen plenty from other sources too - stay tuned for battle reports! 

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